Our Mission:

Unlike medical treatment, which is about eliminating disease, or prevention, which seeks to avoid the causes of disease, wellness is aimed at optimising health.

That means inducing people - who might have no complaints whatsoever - to strive to be as healthy as they can be. In other words, we seek to encourage core values centred on health rather than the mere absence of disease.  We want people to value their health for its own sake; we want people to want to exercise and eat a proper diet.

Values reflect knowledge, attitudes, practice, and vice versa. So we strive for improved consumer information, education and participation with a view to changing values.

Central to our vision, is a client who knows what is good for him or her. In health, as in all other areas of life, the individual who makes the most progress is
the individual who knows what he or she wants and how to get it. A progressive society, in turn, is one in which such an individual can fulfil his or her needs.


Promoting healthy lifestyles

From a medical point of view, we live in a modern western society.  That means our main causes of ill health and mortality are chronic, preventable, 'lifestyle' diseases that are difficult to control and expensive to treat.

Lifestyle diseases are caused by sedentariness, poor nutrition, obesity, unfitness, smoking, stress, accidents, alcohol and late detection of curable conditions. Lifestyle diseases are costing the country - and the private sector, in particular - enormous sums in low productivity, as well as in medical care and loss of life.

There are no "medical" solutions to these problems.  "Annual check-ups" and other medical assessments merely indicate physical health status in terms of disease, while health insurance plans simply pay for medical care.  None of these measures serve to reduce the demand for - or the cost of - medical care.  Indeed, they probably serve to increase it, thus adding to overall health-related costs and productivity losses.

A healthier lifestyle is the goal. The introduction of Personal, Community and Worksite Wellness Programmes is the way to achieve that goal.  Just as better management of a corporation's finances leads to bigger profits, so too better management of a person's social, physical and mental health will lead to increased personal productivity and reduced medical care expenses.


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